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Mtn Dew Game Fuel – World of Warcaft Commercial

Monday, June 22nd, 2009 | Gaming, Videos with No Comments »

A buddy of mine sent me the commercial above after I mentioned that I did a blog post a bit back about the new Mountain Dew Game Fuel World of Warcaft soda.

World of Warcraft – Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009 | Gaming with No Comments »

World of Warcraft Gold

Do you play World of Warcraft…? Well Mountain Dew is teaming up with folks over at World of Warcraft to release two brand new flavors, Alliance Blue and Horde Red. They’re available for a limited time only, so they’re sure to be collectibles as well.

Not only is Mountain Dew & World of Warcraft releasing the limited edition drinks they are also providing you a way to earn free stuff like Alienware products, gamer keyboards, t-shirts, bags and much more? To find out more information check out the Mountian Dew Game Fuel site and register to win free stuff!

Here is how it pretty much works… When you register now you get 100 tokens instantly. Each token is worth an entry for a chance to win prizes every 15 minutes and you can start to redeem the tokens on May 26th. So the more tokens you have the better chance you have getting something you like. Recruit friends and family for more tokens and more chances to win.

The prizes start dropping on May 29,2009 so if I were you I’d register now and get as many friends as possible to sign up so they too have a chance at winning. There is also a link on the site if you wanted to do the 14 day trial of World of Warcraft if you’ve never played it before.

The Mountain Dew – DEWmocracy Project

Sunday, April 19th, 2009 | Marketing, Random with No Comments »

I recently pick up the intense drink known as Voltage by Mountain Dew. Its a new drink they have that has raspberry citrus and ginseng in it… very good stuff! While reading up on the product I came across their pretty cool site called The site allows you to play games, watch videos, create art, and share your experience with friends. The cool thing about the site is that the more things you do the more chances you have to win when it comes to the prizes. So check out and register today to start winning prizes!

Here are just a few of the cool prizes you can when once you register and participating.

  • HALO WARS game for the Xbox 360
  • 32GB iPod Touch
  • Xbox 360 Console
  • Skull Candy Headphones
  • 3GB Flip Video Recorder
  • Voltage T-Shirt
  • Skull Candy Audio Backpack

Sign Up Today and Start Winning!