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Implemented the Gravatar Icons onto my Blog

Saturday, November 15th, 2008 | Random with 1 Comment

If you visit my blog often then you may have noticed that I recently added the Gravatar avatars / icons to my blog posts. I did this to allow my fellow RSS readers the ability to personally express themselves when they leave a comment on my blog.

The Gravatar service is FREE and allows you to use any image you want… This is your perfect chance to express yourself on my blog by replacing the dull image with a favorite sports team, a game Clan Icon, your girlfriend, your favorite video game, pretty much anything you want.! Check out the sample image below to see what I mean.

Gravatar Icons

The process is very simple…

  1. Visit
  2. Sign Up for your FREE account
  3. Upload you favorite image
  4. Come back to my blog an leave a comment… and Booyah!

Once you’ve done the steps above you now have the ability to show yourself on my blog so each time you comment your favorite avatar will show up next to your name! If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment asking or simply visit the Gravatar FAQ section of their site.

Free Landing Page / Website Templates

Friday, July 18th, 2008 | Creative, Make Money with No Comments »

When it comes to creating landing pages or websites I tend to go the easy way out and use some of the free pre-made templates found on the internet! The free landing pages / websites are perfect for affiliate based offers from NeverBlueAds,, and many others. All the free landing pages or websites that are listed below usually need are just a few minor tweaks such as images replaced and colors changed. Please feel free to check out and use the valuable free resources below.

Royalty Free Image Resources
Stock xchng
Free Landing Page and Website Resources

I love pathetic content thieves

Sunday, July 6th, 2008 | Blogging, Personal with 2 Comments

My sarcastic title says it all… I’ve found a few blogs who’s owner I thought were ok bloggers…. However, they turned out to be just uncreative content thieves who visit my site just to steal my content. I recently had to implement the image below (i love revenuerobot) to stop people from using my images on their sites/blogs a practice called “hotlinking”. I used this great tutorial on how to stop hotlinking to my site…

At this time I chose not to call them out (name them) however, if this does continue I shall bring to the table their sites and screenshots of the stolen posts just to show how pathetic and untrustworthy theses people are…

Just one thing I have to say to all this if you are going to use anything of mine content or images…
PLEASE give a link back to the site / resource… Thanks!

STOP thieves!

List of sites with over 2500 mini icons

Sunday, May 18th, 2008 | Creative with 2 Comments

When I try to do a Google search for ” 16×16 mini icons ” I usually end up coming across the same sites over and over. So, what I did was create a list for myself and others who are searching for the same if not similar “mini icons”. When I say mini icons I’m talking about these ones…
mini icons

However, not all the icons are strictly 16×16 some of them are 24×24 which is shown in the above photo. Another good detail about the icons is that they either a gif or a png file when you download them. In addition to that I have noticed that the png sometimes don’t show up when I use different versions of IE (Internet Explorer). So keep that in mind… you may want to convert them to a gif.

Below is the list of sites that offer the mini icon sets. If you know of any other sites that offer similar sets please feel free to leave a comment and share the link with others.

famfamfam – silk icons (700 icons)
famfamfam – mini icons (144 icons)
sweetie basepack (182 icons)
feed icons (50 icons)
graphicPUSH Blog icon packs (160 icons)
Web Control Icons (132 icons)
tiny little icons (122 icons)
mini pixel icons (320 icons)
300 images from 1800 websites (300 icons)
bitcons (121 icons)
mini icons pack (19 icons)
doc type icons (10 icons)
greyscale icons (113 icons)
bullet madness (200 icons)

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