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Dead Space Cheat Codes- Xbox 360

Monday, February 2nd, 2009 | Gaming with 1 Comment

Dead Space Screenshot
(photo: credits)

Dead Space looks to be a game that would freak you out if you were to play it in the dark by yourself. So to make the game go a little quicker I gathered cheats to help you out along the way. To access the cheats simply pause the game and enter the “Cheat Codes” listed below as they are seen. Please note that many of these codes can only be used once throughout the game so choose when to use them wisely.

Gain 1,000 Credits X X X Y X
Gain 2,000 Credits X X X Y Y
Gain 5,000 Credits X X X Y X Y
Gain 10,000 Credits X Y Y Y X X Y
Gain Five Power Nodes Y X Y X X Y X X Y X X Y
Gain Two Power Nodes Y X X X Y
Refill Oxygen X X Y Y Y
Refill Stasis X Y Y X Y