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McDonalds Monopoly Rare Game Codes 2008

Friday, October 17th, 2008 | Make Money with 14 Comments


Well the McDonalds Monopoly Game is back and in full swing… If you have any game pieces visit you can enter in the codes you have after you register with the website.

After doing a little research on the McDonalds Monopoly Game I’ve noticed that there are several sites out there that is designed for people to exchange their “McDonalds Monopoly Rare Game Codes“. There are also abunch of sites dedicated to providing ” Free Monopoly Rare Game Codes” but, after trying to enter some of them they all seem to throw up errors. However if you check out the Wiki on McDonalds Monopoly Game you’ll find that there are 3 free game codes in the “online section” of the site here is the link.

The Rare Game Pieces

The rare collectible pieces that dictate the odds of winning are listed below…

Property 2008 The Code 2008 The Prize
Golden Avenue 271 $100,000
Water Works 279 $50
Mediterranean Avenue 251 $100
Vermont Avenue 254 $1,000
Virginia Avenue 258 $2,000
Tennessee Avenue 260 $5,000
Kentucky Avenue 262 $10,000
Ventnor Avenue 266 $25,000
Pennsylvania Avenue 270 $50,000
Boardwalk 274 $1,000,000 (annuity)
Short Line 278 $500

If you check out this comparison site you are able to judge who has the best fries you’ll get a complimentary $50 gift card to buy more McDonalds to get a better chance at winning.