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Remove Yourself from Third-party Facebook Ads

Monday, August 3rd, 2009 | Networking with No Comments »

facebook ads

Have you ever used an application on Facebook and It shows your photo in an ad or a friend of yours? Well have you ever wondered how you could remove yourself from the ads shown on Facebook? Well here’s how you do it follow these simple steps…

  1. Click on Settings up at the top to the left of the Log out link.
  2. Select Privacy. Then select News Feed and Wall.
  3. Select the tab that reads Facebook Ads.
  4. There is a drop down box, select No One. Then Save your changes.

For more information about the Third-Party ads on Facebook check out the Facebook blog and Help Center. If you still want to know more information or pretty much other peoples opinions then visit these interesting articles I came across… FOX News, L.A. Times and WGEM.

Xbox Live going to Add Facebook and Twitter

Thursday, June 4th, 2009 | Gaming with 1 Comment

xbox facebook

That’s right if you haven’t heard already… Xbox Live will be adding Facebook and Twitter to their platform which was announced on Monday June, 1st at the E3 2009 Conference. However, the Facebook and Twitter integration will not be available on Xbox Live until later this fall. One of the cool feature I was reading over on Gizmodo is that you’ll be able to send “in-game screenshots to your Facebook (Facebook reviews) profile in real-time” which I think is a pretty awesome function. And probably the only reason I’d sign up to even have my Xbox 360 link to my Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Advertise your Facebook profile on your T-shirt

Friday, October 31st, 2008 | Marketing, Networking with No Comments »

facebook shirt
(photo: credits)

Thats right you can advertise your Facebook profile or even a blog or website by putting an image / logo on the shirt that a cellphone camera can recognize. That way when someone snaps a picture of the image / logo, the phone automatically pulls up the website, blog or profile that person has chosen to advertise. It could be your website, MySpace profile, Facebook profile, blog or whatever. Visit to see what they have to offer the prices are pretty reasonable only $49 for t-shirts and $56 for sweatshirts.

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Make Mad Money with Facebook & NeverBlue

Friday, October 10th, 2008 | Make Money with 2 Comments

Over the last few months I’ve made a Huge ROI when it came to advertising NeverBlueAds offers on Facebook. So today I figured I’d show you step by step how you too can profit from NeverBlueAds and generate some extra money with out having to buy an ebook like some other people have you do to gain their information.

Step 1.) To begin the process of making money you need to sign up for NeverBlueAds. The process can’t begin until you do this step!

Step 2.) Next buy a simple / cheap domain that you would want to gear your niche site on (if you don’t have one already). I prefer to use 1 and 1 because, they have really cheap .info .com & .biz domains and they usually run domain specials.

Step 3.) There are 2 ways to go about this step…
the self hosting way (paid) or the redirect hosting way (free).

a.) The self hosting way would be to host your site on a company like DreamHost and pay a monthly fee. What’s good about this is they offer you a large amount of monthly bandwidth and you have total control. With this way you’ll have to create landing pages and drive your Facebook traffic directly to your landing pages you created or you can do a meta refresh.
b.) The other way would be to use a free link cloaker like the one over at: which allows you to host your links on their server for free. Just redirect your DNS to their server… If you go this way you’ll be able to drive traffic directly to the offer without creating a landing page.

Step 4.) You would have to sign up for the Facebook Ad Marketplace. Whats good about the Facebook Ad Marketplace is that you can narrow the demographics down to your niche topic! After you sign up for the Marketplace simple follow the guidelines given and you’ll ba able to have numerous ads listed in no time.

Step 5.) This would be the last and final step which is the best step… Just kick back and watch your NeverBlueAds account climb daily.

To everyone who follows the directions shown above you’ll be able to “Make Mad Money with Facebook & NeverBlue Ads” just as my title says for this post. Good Luck!