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Top 10 Best Rural Places to Live

February 13th, 2009  

Rural Homes

While searching up on some of the best places to live across the United States I came across the Top 10 “Best Rural Places to Live” which is provided by: Progressive Farmer & WalletPop. The list really doesn’t seem too shocking because, when I think of any of the states on the list I instantly think of a place with a lot of woods and country back roads.

The Top 10 Rural Places to Live

  1. Hamilton County, Nebraska
  2. Chippewa County, Minnesota
  3. Ida County, Iowa
  4. Harvey County, Kansas
  5. Clinton County, Iowa
  6. Fayette County, Texas
  7. Oconee County, Georgia
  8. McPherson County, Kansas
  9. Obion County, Tennessee
  10. Madison County, Virginia

The Top 5 Healthiest Places to Live

  1. Geary County, Kansas
  2. Ward County, North Dakota
  3. Decatur County, Indiana
  4. Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska
  5. Craven County, North Carolina

The Top 5 Safest Places to Live

  1. Carroll County, Ohio
  2. Ralls County, Missouri
  3. Tipton County, Tennessee
  4. Bibb County, Alabama
  5. Boone County, Indiana

The Top 5 Most Affordable Places to Live

  1. Ida County, Iowa
  2. Henderson County, Illinois
  3. Van Buren County, Tennessee
  4. Perry County, Tennessee
  5. Dickinson County, Michigan

The Best Place with the Cleanest Air

  1. Branch County, Michigan
  2. Steuben County, Indiana
  3. Lincoln County, Georgia
  4. Effingham County, Georgia
  5. Oconee County,Georgia

The Lowest Student to Teacher Ratio

  1. Dukes County, Massachusetts
  2. Orange County, Vermont
  3. Charles City County, Virginia
  4. Grand Isle County, Vermont
  5. Windham County, Vermont

The funny thing about the housing market and the current economy is that if you were to look on eBay I’m sure you’d fine some homes in and around the above mentioned areas. This could be a great opportunity to purchase some land or even a home in one of the listed “Best of” states to where you can turn a profit once the market turns back around.


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