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Urban Exploration Photography

July 1st, 2008  

Urban photos

I love taking photos of abandoned buildings, graffiti, and many odd things so when I came across this site known as all I saw was amazing work! The site has a great collection of Abandoned Buildings, Towns and Cities, 3D, Light, Geek and Other Graffiti and so much more. There are also pages dedicated to the “7 wonders of…” such as the 7 More Deserted Wonders of the Modern World which includes places like “Battleship Island” and

Many of the places found on the site stretch from New York to Chernobyl, Taiwan to Siberia and much more! Some of the place aren’t small they are whole hotels, hospital, factories that have just been abandoned over time. In alot of the photos it looks as if people dropped what they were doing and just left I love how that is portrayed in the Chernobyl photos. If you are into Abondoned building photography or urban exploration then be sure to check out!


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    Angela Coventry - Oakland County and Metro Detroit Photographer // November 7th, 2008 at 10:55 am

    I love the grunge that these buildings give to photos. I just wish the areas in the metro detroit area with abandoned buildings weren’t so scary to poke around!



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