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Tom Clancy
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Here is a list of the Xbox 360 Multiplayer Ranks for Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. As soon as I get screen shots of the actual rank icons I shall update the post. Till then enjoy the ranks below….

  Rank Name Points Needed
Private Second Class 500
Private First Class 1250
Specialist 2500
Lance Corporal 5000
Corporal 10000
Sergeant 15000
Staff sergeant 20000
Gunnery sergeant 30000
Sergeant First Class 40000
Master Sergeant 50000
Senior Master Sergeant 70000
First Sergeant 90000
Sergeant Major 110000
Warrant Officer 140000
Second Lieutenant 170000
First Lieutenant 200000
Captain 235000
Major 270000
Lieutenant Colonel 310000
Colonel 350000
Elite 400000

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